04 - 02 - 2019, by Convergence Industry

2019: Better listening & more intense collaboration

The first month of 2019 has already gone by. At the beginning of each new year, we normally look back at the previous one. But this year we would look to look forward to the next instead…

Convergence Industry B.V. has the mission to become the most awesome company in the world! If someone thinks otherwise, we should listen to the arguments, change for the better and hopefully converge to our goal. This year will be all about:

“Better listening & more intense collaboration”

Of course, we will never succeed to satisfy everyone nor will we ever succeed to be perfect, but at least we can try our best and be awesome while we’re trying. By really believing that it is possible, we are already one step ahead…

Our plans for 2019:

Selection & Satisfaction: we will be more selective in accepting new projects in order to provide better service to our current clients that always have been loyal to us. Too many times our good clients have been disadvantaged because we underestimated a difficult project.

Commercially: we will appoint a Commercial Director who will takes us to the next level. We already have a candidate in mind and will announce a ground-breaking transfer in the market soon!

Philantropy: we will always remember were we came from. Therefor, we are willing to help local start-ups with awesome designs and prototyping for free! Why? Because that is really the most fun part of starting a company and we would love to be a part of it! Do you know someone that needs help? Let us know.

Expansion: we will expand our European Sales & Service divisions in order to provide an even better service to our clients abroad.

Next year will be different from the 9 years before. We will expand like never before. It will be great, it will be horrible to do, it will hurt, it will be impossible and it will be fantastic. Will we succeed? Just place your bets & let’s find out together in any possible Awesome collaboration!


Chielant de Wit
Operational & Managing Director

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