03 - 02 - 2020, by Convergence Industry

A visit from Bronkhorst!

A little while ago our friends at Bronkhorst paid us a visit during our famous beer and ‘frikandellen’ friday. Ger Jan Dorland, sales manager at Bronkhorst, wrote about his experience at Convergence. We’re happy knowing they had a good time with us and are looking forward to the next visit!

When Felix Broens and Gerard Wiecherink, among others, welcomed us to Convergence at 2 o’clock on Friday afternoon, people were still working away diligently in the workplace, and we gained an initial impression of the size of Convergence and the installations they are working on.

Although lots of Bronkhorst employees are familiar with the name Convergence, they aren’t exactly sure what the company is doing with our instruments. After the official welcome speech, Gerard gave a great presentation about the type of installations and the market in which they mainly operate, namely membrane technology. The company develops numerous test installations for clients including universities and membrane manufacturers. In order to properly test the functioning of a membrane (porous filter material that is used in fields such as the water industry), the round membrane – which looks like a straw with lots of tiny holes – is cut so it can be formed into a flat material. Once it is flat, the characteristics such as the permeability and filter properties of the material can be determined.

Convergence is also working on new concepts, including hiring out test capacity and/or installations, and it is also developing many other installations with microfluidic systems.

Convergence uses a wide range of Bronkhorst products, including the IQ+FLOW, mini CORI-FLOW, μ-FLOW, EL-FLOW and ES-FLOW. In short, they have plenty of strings to their bow, which is why we enjoy working with them, and also why we often have a triangular relationship between Bronkhorst, Convergence and the end client.

This company visit was especially good for people who don’t often get to see how and where our products are used, and it ended with beer and ‘frikandellen’ (a kind of sausage), Convergence style.

All in all, this was a successful customer experience event,


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