About us

Mission & Vision

Convergence has the mission to be Triple A in improving research and handling fluïda:

  • Accurate
  • Automatic
  • Awesome

The modern and user-friendly design of Convergence’s custom pilot, combined with an excellent support and product training makes working with a measurement and control system reliable, easy and efficient.

About Convergence

Accurate and fully automatic custom pilots

Custom pilot - About ConvergenceDesigning and building an automatic measurement and control system is a difficult and time consuming process. Therefore, Convergence handles the whole process of designing, building and finally the delivery and installation of your custom pilot. This approach will help you to get straight to work on your research topic and focus purely on what you do best: performing research!

From the first generation ‘OSMO Inspectors’, the focus at Convergence has been very much on making testing more user-friendly and more efficiënt. User-friendly, digital sensing & control, high quality and customization of every system have become key features and distinguishes Convergence products from other products in the market.

The Convergence Inspectors we offer on our website have been direct result of custom pilot requirements and client desires that we received the past years. On request Convergence can assist with designing and constructing custom research and industrial equipment. Flexibility, reliability and our pro-active way of work are reflected in all our custom pilots. Please do not hesitate to contact us when you have any system requirements.

Quality, customer satisfaction and innovation have been important values during the development of Convergence. In 2017 the company was rewarded for the ongoing dedication and commitment, Convergence was certified to ISO 9001:2015.

Matthias Wesssling – RWTH Aachen

“The first Convergence Inspectors are based on long years of filtration experience at the University of Twente. In particular, the thesis of Wilbert van de Ven has been the basis for this product idea. With Felix Broens (chemical engineer) and Jonathan Bennink (Industrial Designer), we worked on making a table top filtration unit with a user friendly interface. At RWTH Aachen, we have three Convergence Inspectors. They run day and night. What else can I say…”

Peter Derkzen – Bronkhorst Cori-Tech B.V.

“Bronkhorst has come to know Convergence as an experienced solution provider using their thermal and Corioliss mass flow instruments and dosing assemblies. When in 2012 a world leading company for personal- and home care products challenged Bronkhorst to come up with a solution to dose highly concentrated dyes into their products, Bronkhorst contacted Convergence for support. Thanks to a high level of actual knowledge, it was possible to design a new concept for dye-dosing on very short term. After this rapid prototyping, Convergence also succeeded in becoming a qualified supplier to Bronkhorst for production of these dosing units on larger scale.”

Senior research chemist – Nalco

“I believe we were one of the first customers that bought a MF/UF unit from Convergence. The equipment was developed according our needs and specifications. The first problems were solved with professionalism. People from Convergence did take all our requests and comments very serious, continuously improving their product from which our company could benefit. We are currently using the device for our research as well as customer support. As I mentioned often to Felix Broens, we are a satisfied customer that will be happy to recommend the company and the devices they build.”

Our Customers