Burner system
Convergence burner system

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Exciting flames, time and a close cooperation; together with our partners Bronkhorst Nederland B.V. and TecT Contracting & Engineering we have been working on a brand new burner-system. We have designed and tested the system from scratch on and we are proud to share the results with you!

Our client reached out to us to improve and replace their manually-driven system by a fully automatic system.

First, we started to design and build a prototype to prove the concept, the prototype was a real success! Soon we expanded the single burner system, on behalf of our client, into a triple-fold burner and it can even be extended to a five-fold burner system! The system proved to be of a better quality and more efficient, which resulted in a higher production and less downtime.

The system is used for sealing, among others milk cartons. This is just one example of many applications thinkable for this system. Whenever a mix of certain gases/liquids is required and the mixing ratio is essential, this system is suitable.

System description

The Convergence Burner system is equipped with two flowmeters to control the supply of gas and air. The burner can be extended up to 5 burners, typical configurations will be 1-fold, 3-fold and 5-fold burner systems. If there are multiple burners, the gas flow can be divided over each burner independently. There is a compressor to ensure a sufficient high inlet pressure in the air lines.

The burner uses a spark plug to ignite and an ionisator to provide feedback whether the flame burns or not. The control system will automatically ignite or extinguish the burners according to the signals coming from the production line.


  • Controls gas – air ratio automatically
  • Automatic ignition
  • The system is suitable for natural gas, butane and propane
  • Control panel can be placed separately from instruments
  • Can be integrated with existing systems