Convergence upgrades EmulTech’s INFINITY

The past year EmulTech (Eindhoven, NL) and Convergence Industry B.V. (Enschede, NL) have been working together on the joint development of the INFINITY Mini and the INFINITY Lab. Although EmulTech already had a functional product, Convergence upgraded the original design into a high-end system.

EmulTech INFINITY – Solution

The INFINITY systems are currently used by many of EmulTech’s pharmaceutical customers. Globally, companies are using the equipment in order to develop drug delivery systems and other micro particle related products.

Drug delivery systems are micro particles that release an Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) over a longer period of time. Instead of taking a pill every day, patients get an almost painless injection once every three months.

Patients experience great benefits from drug delivery systems. No longer do they have to take their medication daily and no longer do they have to question themselves whether they took their medication that day or not. With ordinary medication non-compliance and overdose are serious issues that are prevented by drug delivery systems. This leads to better therapeutic effects, less side effects and higher patient comfort.


Microfluidics is widely recognized as the most controlled method for micro-encapsulation. However products developed with microfluidic tools are often limited to the fundamental research fase. With the development of the INFINITY platform EmulTech takes microfluidic encapsulation to the next level. Away from the research environment and a realistic path forward for pharmaceutical developement. First by providing insight in droplet formation with its unique flow model. Second, by scaling to large scale production while maintaining the product’s quality and last by bringing INFINITY und cGMP.

The INFINITY platform provides the users an easy tool to produce extremely complex pharmaceutical products. As a result, customers significantly save on development time and costs (up to two years and millions of Euros). Second, it gives researchers a tool to make novel products that were not feasible before.

EmulTech INFINITY – Initial product

Initial productThe EmulTech INFINITY Lab produces individual droplets in separate micro-channels, also known as microfluidic emulsification.

The system operates a highly controlled process for large scale droplet formation out of two or more liquids. The process takes place in channels of only a few microns wide. Once droplets are formed, they can be solidified in the channel by extracting the solvent or adding a third liquid, such as a cross-linker. In order to do so, EmulTech developed a patented disc that contains a multi-channel chip.

EmulTech INFINITY – Design phase

designDuring the concept phase a lot of sketches went back and forth between EmulTech and Convergence, trying to process all input on previous functionalities from users of the initial product.

At a certain point some designs got through and were elaborated further. Parallel, the designs for the disc holder were made as well. Resulting in a user-friendly and high-end system.

Some significant changes relative to initial system:

  • Fully automated programs for cleaning, rinsing and production of micro-emulsion
  • User-friendly software interface on a touch panel HMI
  • Integrated safety triggers and function for overpressure & disc closing, setpoint alarm
  • Stirring function for optimal dispersion
  • Remote helpdesk assistance on the system possible

Emultech INFINITY – Final product



  • Faster development by making better informed decisions
  • Applicable for and tested on a wide variety of applications
  • Sample production based on quality by design
  • Straight forward scal up to market relevant volumes
  • Validated cGMP ready setup
  • User-friendly table top design, small footprint

Would you like to know more about the EmulTech INFINITY products? Please feel free to contact EmulTech if you require more information about the product. If you are looking for a partner that can design, assemble or upgrade your system Convergence would be happy to assist you!


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