14 - 12 - 2018, by Convergence Industry

Convergence will go Micro in 2019!

Convergence Industry B.V. has been a partner in the DNANext project (Eureka no. 10942) for the past two years. The project will come to its end in 2019 and we are very proud of the results and grateful for the support of the European Union in this project.

Convergence’s responsibility was to fully develop a dedicated system – including software – in a very appealing design. This device will allow the user to very accurately control the air pressure on multiple reservoirs of fluid in a cartridge. By controlling this pressure, the flow through the channels of the chip can be varied and both single and double emulsions can be created in 8 different channels at the same time. That is really awesome!

In this specific application the system will be used for the support of DNA sequencing. As a result of our work, the system is able to significantly reduce the time necessary for this process: it now can be done 50 times faster than before! That is such an impressive achievement that even DNA Techgiant PACBIO (//www.pacb.com/) is tweeting about it. This will definitely become the gamechanger of 2019!

Of course, numerous fluid applications can benefit from this product and we can customize the fluid positions easily based on your product’s footprint. If you are searching for an OEM product or you would like to collaborate with us for a different idea where we can integrate this technique, please contact our Operational & Managing Director by sending him an email: chielant.dewit@con-vergence.com

For more info: //www.eurostars-eureka.eu/project/id/10942

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