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Mission & Vision

The mission of Demcon convergence is to deliver Accurate, Automated and Awesome systems all over the world, because we believe that functional design and automation can be improved everywhere.

Demcon convergence will give its best to become a Triple A company, employer and supplier. Accurate for using the best components and parts, Automated for using the highest level of automation and user-friendly user interfaces and Awesome because of the excellent support, product training and powerful exterior design of each system.

This way the team of Demcon convergence contributes in making your research more reproducible and data easier to handle and extract.

About Demcon Convergence

In January 2010 Demcon convergence was founded as a spin-off company from Twente University in The Netherlands. Ever since, Demcon convergence has become a reliable global player when it comes to designing and manufacturing customized fluid handling systems.

Once started as a specialist on lab-scale membrane characterization systems, Demcon convergence soon incorporated the experience and knowledge on automation and functional design into other fields of research. Where accurate control of liquids and gases is required, Demcon convergence offers awesome and endless possibilities!

The entire Demcon convergence team is continuously committed to engineer, manufacture and deliver systems up to the requirements of its customers. The talent, knowledge, skills and commitment of the team is key to the success of this company.


developing solutions and making an impact.

Demcon was created as a result of the passion of its founders for solving challenging technological and social problems. We develop high-quality, innovative, complex systems and products, and can also take care of production ourselves. This way we create value for our customers. In a society faced by major challenges, we carry out projects that have a positive impact on people and the world they live in. We work on smart applications in various sectors, such as healthcare, safety, water, energy, production and communication. In addition to technological innovation we also devote our efforts to promoting entrepreneurship and investing in talent and education

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