Emultech Infinity
Emultech & Convergence working together!

EmulTech and Convergence have been working on a new EmulTech product with great success. Convergence has translated EmulTech’s ideas into high-end R&D systems for Food-, Pharma- and Cometics industry. Emultech’s INFINITY product line is ideal for rapid uniform and reproducible microsphere formation.

 EmulTech is all about technology for efficient encapsulated medicine production. During production it is essential that active substances remain within prescribed values. One method is to dissolve active substances in oil droplets. A drawback of this method is it’s inaccuracy: the droplets vary in size and the amount of active substance per droplet will be different as well. Emultech’s technology will allow droplets of uniform size ensuring constant medicine production.

 The INFINITY products are small laboratories with great user experience. After adding the required substances and selecting the desired program, the INFINTIY will do the rest.

 More information: www.emultech.nl