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Your idea, your specifications, our final touch! Demcon convergence is an experienced specialist when it comes to engineering, designing and manufacturing gas and liquid handling systems. Demcon convergence built a significant portfolio with its microfluidic and membrane systems, but is also well known for its product development projects. Whether in search for a redesign of a product or in need for a partner to develop an idea into a functional system, Demcon convergence is the answer!

To keep ahead of competitors in a rapidly changing market, new product ideas need to be developed and launched into the market as quickly as possible. Demcon convergence is your partner of choice in realizing the shortest time to market by translating your idea into a functional model and a production-ready system. In this process, Demcon convergence examines all technical and financial aspects to improve the final product: from the exterior design up to the development of a user-friendly software interface. Our Triple A approach results in a product that stands out from other products in the market.From prototype to final productIn the process of translating a good idea fast into a functional and new system, Demcon convergence will start from scratch by designing and building a prototype to prove the concept. After proving the concept, it will go fast! Within a few months the first series of beta products is ready to market.

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