European project: DNANext!
Another new and promising European partnership: Samplix, Micronit, Upsalla Genome Center, Statens Serum Institut and Convergence have joined forces to develop a new DNA analysis technology in the DNANext project.  
The project is based on the PINS technology developed by Samplix. The technology captures DNA in droplets and marks DNA with specific properties. The target containing droplets are then specifically separated after which the DNA can be recovered from the droplets. The technology improves performances on DNA sequencing and enables the recovery of specific DNA fragments up to 30.000 bp. from mixed samples. An animation on the technology can be found on: //samplix.com/technology.html 
Convergence’s share in the project is to design and develop a user-friendly system – starting with a prototype – incorporating Samplix’ technology. 
Coming year all parties will work together to bring another beautiful product to the market!

The DNANext project is supported by Eurostars Programme – powered by EUREKA and the European Community (project ID: 10 942)

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