23-01-2016 / Doha, Qatar
2nd International Conference on Desalination and Environment
This conference represents a unique opportunity for academics and members of the desalination industry to meet with distinguished scientists from around the world and to discuss advances in the fields of desalination and water treatment.It is hoped that this conference will foster new opportunities for scientific cooperation amongst national, regional and international institutes actively involved in desalination and water sciences research.

The scope of the conference will be quite broad covering the below-listed areas:

Topics include:

Thermal processes including: Multistage flash desalination (MSF)

  • Multi-effect desalination (MED)
  • Vapour compression (VC)
  • Freezing

Hybrid processes including:

  • Membrane distillation (MD)
  • Pervaporation (PV)
  • Multistage flash-reverse osmosis (MSF-RO)
  • Reverse osmosis-electrodialysis (RO-ED)
  • Nanofiltration-reverse osmosis (NF-RO)
  • Membrane distillation-forward osmosis (MD-FO)
  • IX-NF
  • Adsorption Desalination
  • MD-PRO

Harmful algal blooms (HAB) and desalination:

  • Harmful algal blooms occurrence, detection and impacts
  • Challenges on removal of HAB by thermal and membrane desalination technologies
  • Toxic residues of HAB in the finished desalinated water

Related technologies including:

  • Renewable energy for desalination
  • Nuclear desalination
  • Resource recovery and water reuse and brine concentration and disposal
  • Scale and corrosion inhibition and operational problem solving
  • Pre-treatment
  • Bio-fouling control and removal of suspended matter in feed water
  • Process economics
  • Low pressure membranes
  • Residuals management and environmental impact