Customized measurement and control systems for liquids and gases


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With 10 years of experience in the field of Membrane Technology, Convergence Industry now offers a wide range of standard and customized lab-scale membrane systems to evaluate the performance of membranes.

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With the growing demand for stable and reproducible microfluidics control systems, Convergence Industry offers a microfluidics control systems product line that will enable flow experimentation.

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Convergence built a significant portfolio with product development projects. Convergence Industry can help to improve existing systems or translate your idea into a functional and complete system.

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Once started as a specialist on lab-scale membrane characterization systems. Now Convergence incorporated the experience and knowledge on automation and functional design into other fields of research. Where accurate control of liquids and gases is required, Convergence offers awesome and endless possibilities!

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From 20-06-2022 till 23-06-2022/ EDS - Las Palmas - Desalination for the Environment: Clean Water and Energy/ Las Palmas, Spain
From 26-06-2022 till 30-06-2022/ NanoFiltration 2022/ Reutlingen, Germany
From 22-08-2022 till 26-08-2022/ Achema Frankfurt 2022/ Frankfurt, Germany
From 18-09-2022 till 21-09-2022/ Melpro 2022/ Prague, Czech Republic
From 19-09-2022 till 21-09-2022/ Water Tech Europe/ Leeuwarden, The Netherlands
From 20-11-2022 till 24-11-2022/ EuroMembrane (EMS)/ Sorrento (Naples), Italy
From 23-11-2022 till 24-11-2022/ AMK - Aachen- Aachener Membrane Kolloquium/ Aachen, Germany

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