16 - 12 - 2021

Holiday office hours

Starting on the 25th of December, we will be spending the holidays with our families and Convergence Industry will be closed until the 3th of January. During this time we cannot be reached by phone, but feel free to contact us through e-mail and we will get back to you in the new year. We’d […]

16 - 06 - 2021

Nextgen PLD

Supergeleiding verbeteren Het coaten van oppervlakken met een dun laagje materiaal, zogenaamde dunne-film depositie met Pulsed Laser Deposition (PLD), wordt gebruikt als technologie in onderzoek naar o.a. supergeleiding en kwantumcomputers. Belangrijk in dit proces is de kwaliteit van de dunne film. Hoe hoger de kwaliteit, hoe sneller de geleiding. In het project ‘Next gen Pulsed […]

07 - 05 - 2021

Ascension day & Pentecost office hours

During our national holidays of ascension day & pentecost, on the 13th and 24th of may, Convergence will be closed for the entire day. We can still be reached via E-mail and we’ll get back to you as soon as we’re back at the office.

21 - 04 - 2021

Kingsday office hours

On the 27th of april we celebrate our national holiday kingsday! Therefore Convergence industry will be closed for the entire day. You can still reach us by email and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible the next day.

30 - 03 - 2021

Convergence Industry announces new Accountmanager EMEA

In a rapidly changing world Convergence made the strategical decision to expand the sales team. As a world leading membrane technology specialist we feel the time is right to anticipate on the expected demand for our expertise and solutions. We want to introduce to you our new sales team member for the region EMEA:   […]

29 - 03 - 2021

Office hours during easter

On the 4th and 5th of April we will be celebrating easter with 2 days of egg hunts and chocolate. Therefore Convergence Industry will be closed on the 5th of April. You can still contact us via email and we’ll get back to you as soon as we’re back in the office on Tuesday. From […]

11 - 12 - 2020

Holiday office hours

Starting on the 25th of December, we will be spending the holidays with our families and Convergence Industry will be closed until the 3th of January. During this time we cannot be reached by phone, but feel free to contact us through e-mail and we will get back to you in the new year. We’d […]

27 - 07 - 2020

Making the difference in Organ-on-chip research

At Convergence Industry, we are proud to work on projects which we believe can make a real difference in the world. The T.O.P. or Translational Organ-on-chip Platform is one of those projects. Standardizing organ on chip research systems helps to accelerate the process and enables new drugs to be made safer and quicker, saving lives […]

08 - 05 - 2020

Convergence Industry B.V. acquires Dovideq Medical B.V.

Last month Convergence Industry B.V. (Convergence) aqcuired all activities of Dovideq Medical B.V. Dovideq’s portfolio consists of endoscope test systems, light cable testers for endoscopes, data matrix scanners and a cloud platform for almost 1000 users of their products. With this acquisition Convergence can focus more on engineering and production activities of medical products. As […]

03 - 02 - 2020

A visit from Bronkhorst!

A little while ago our friends at Bronkhorst paid us a visit during our famous beer and ‘frikandellen’ friday. Ger Jan Dorland, sales manager at Bronkhorst, wrote about his experience at Convergence. We’re happy knowing they had a good time with us and are looking forward to the next visit!

30 - 01 - 2020

Interview: Erwin Quak – Manager Operations

Growth and restructuring, the ongoing process within the walls of Convergence Industry. Our biggest priorities are our customers and our employees.

06 - 12 - 2019

Convergence Industry wishes you Happy Holidays and an Awesome 2020!

We’ve had an awesome year and hope to have an even better 2020. Though we can’t wait to work on new projects and collaborations, we will first be spending the holidays with our friends and family.

15 - 10 - 2019

Convergence Customer Care Card

Lately Convergence Industry invested a great deal of time in reviewing and improving our working method regarding after sales activities.

14 - 10 - 2019

Orbital welding: He who welds last, welds best

Orbital welding: it is fast, accurate and automated. Over the years Convergence Industry has gained high skilled experiences with this technique. In this process we entered some pitfalls we would like to share.

No Magic, Engineering

09 - 10 - 2019

It’s not magic, it’s engineering!

All those unique customized systems, each time slightly different from the previous one. You may be wondering: what’s the trick at Convergence Industry? Well: it’s not magic, it’s engeneering!

01 - 10 - 2019

Welcome Awesome Ambassadors and Distributors

We are happy to announce that we have added new Awesome Ambassadors and Distributors to our network!

11 - 09 - 2019

Convergence Industry hosts first LoL-event

Yesterday Convergence Industry hosted the LoL-event for the members of the Dutch Membrane Society for the first time. It was a real pleasure welcoming our guests and tell them about years and years of F*@# ups, but more importantly how we’ve learned from them!

Convergence Industry in Twentevisie

02 - 08 - 2019

Convergence Industry in Twentevisie

Twentevisie kwam langs bij Convergence Industry! En na een interview met onze Directeuren Chielant en Felix werd er een mooi artikel over ons geschreven. Onze visie op research en werken naar nieuwe oplossingen komt hier mooi naar voren .


05 - 07 - 2019

PCPT at Convergence Industry

We would like to thank Henk Zengerink and Willem Habers from PCPT for creating an awesome video to represent Convergence Industry.

Flowmeters in een Colossus

02 - 07 - 2019

Welke rol spelen flowmeters bij de verwerking van suikerbieten?

Waarom houdt (bijna) iedereen van snoep, frisdrank, koekjes en taart? Al deze producten bevatten suiker, en daardoor smaken ze zo lekker. Maar waar komt die suiker vandaan? Alle groene planten produceren suiker via fotosynthese.

21 - 05 - 2019

Striving for Awesomeness – Redesigning BP measurements

A bubble point test is a pretty straightforward test used in quality control and characterization of membranes: An increasing gas pressure is applied on a membrane sample submerged and filled with a wetting liquid.

Xenofon Varidakis

17 - 05 - 2019

Say hello to our new Deputy Commercial Director!

Together with our Commercial Director Gerard Wiecherink, our new Deputy Commercial Director has a challenging assignment: make Convergence even bigger and more awesome! We would like to introduce you our new Greek colleague Xenofon Varidakis.


07 - 05 - 2019

From Musician to Assembly Engineer!

My name is Attila Vörös, I’m a self-taught audio engineer and proud owner of NO Q studios. Being a musician for over 20 years made the transition from stage to mixing console quite natural, my new job at Convergence on the other hand is completely different: it’s a good thing I like a challenge!

24 - 04 - 2019

Meet our new colleague Erik!

I’m Erik de Graaf and, since last March, employee of Convergence Industry. My background has its roots in chemistry, but I am a self-taught engineer with knowledge in polymer recycling and system prototyping.


17 - 04 - 2019

Convergence Industry B.V. intensifies cooperation FURTHResearch

Convergence Industry expands its global network with a partial acquisition of German company FURTHResearch. The partial acquisition is the next natural step in the growth strategy and the stated goal to help startups.

29 - 03 - 2019

Hello new team members!

With the expansion of our company, Convergence Industry can use a lot of extra hands! We are happy to introduce you to three of our new colleagues: Jander, Jens and Melih. They will support the Convergence Team in addition to their education.

28 - 03 - 2019

Convergence benoemt nieuw Commercieel Directeur!

Convergence Industry benoemt Gerard Wiecherink met ingang van 1 mei als Commercieel Directeur. De benoeming sluit aan bij de groeifase waarin Convergence zich bevindt en is een logische keuze omdat Gerard aan de ‘Wiech’ heeft gestaan van Convergence.

08 - 03 - 2019

Welcome Mike & Lars

While our previous interns are now working on their graduation assignment at other companies, we now have two new interns who have joined the team. We would like to introduce you to Mike Brinkman and Lars Reijrink!

04 - 02 - 2019

2019: Better listening & more intense collaboration

The first month of 2019 has already gone by. At the beginning of each new year, we normally look back at the previous one. But this year we would look to look forward to the next instead…

18 - 01 - 2019

A warm welcome to Jorwin!

A warm welcome to our new and awesome Assembly Engineer: Jorwin Knol! We are happy to introduce you to our new colleague who will be responsible for assembling your systems.

14 - 12 - 2018

Convergence will go Micro in 2019!

Convergence Industry B.V. has been a partner in the DNANext project (Eureka no. 10942) for the past two years. The project will come to its end in 2019 and we are very proud of the results and grateful for the support of the European Union in this project.

14 - 12 - 2018

Introducing our awesome new colleagues!

Both Lennart and Jan started their new job at Convergence. Both in a completely different role. We would like to introduce them to you as you might be in contact with them in the near future.

05 - 10 - 2018

A warm welcome to our interns!

Last month, three interns started at Convergence – each with their own assignment. We are happy to introduce you to our interns and tell you a little about what they will be doing the coming period.

26 - 03 - 2018

Prevent high costs with our ScaleGuard

In the past we had to deal with several applications in the world of anti-scalants. We developed and delivered systems for the development and dosing of anti-scalants before, but this time we had a completely different application. We have designed and built a ScaleGuard system in cooperation with one of our customers.

15 - 03 - 2018

FURTHRmind: simple, reliable and transparent data handling!

Convergence likes to think along when it comes to making research simple, reliable and fun. Our user friendly software and support already contributes to this vision.

30 - 10 - 2017

European project: DNANext!

Another new and promising European partnership: Samplix, Micronit, Upsalla Genome Center, Statens Serum Institut and Convergence have joined forces to develop a new DNA analysis technology in the DNANext project.

23 - 10 - 2017

Convergence donates system to ROC van Twente

Daan Haitsma presented his final result to ROC van Twente after a 3-month internship last wednesday.

18 - 10 - 2016

It is all about accurate flow and pressure!

Convergence started off as a company specialized in the manufacture of customized measurement systems for membrane characterization. Over the past few years, Convergence has worked on projects that are slightly different: burner control systems, thermal spray systems and much more!

18 - 10 - 2016

NXFiltration: next generation membranes

While production has started at the brand new factory of NXFiltration, development of an exciting product continuous: hollow fiber nanofiltration membranes!

29 - 06 - 2016

Convergence, UTwente and Porometer join forces!

The partnership between Twente University, Porometer and Convergence Industry goes all the way back to the foundation of Convergence. After 6 years of cooperation, all parties join forces in order to develop a new product: the permporometer, a permporometry lab scale system.

29 - 06 - 2016

Membrane filtered beer

Every brewer aims for the best quality for you to enjoy your beer. Brewing beer is real craftsmanship; a lot of different processes are needed to get that perfect golden drink. One of these processes is beer filtration.

12 - 04 - 2016

Welcome Eindhoven University!

In the pas few years, Convergence was able to develop systems for several leading Universities and research institutes globally.

02 - 09 - 2015

Two and a half times around the world…

Two and half times around the world: that is the length of hollow fibers that B.Bran Avitum Saxonia GmbH produces every single day. These hollow fibers are used to clean blood of kidneys patients and saves lives!

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