07 - 05 - 2019, by Convergence Industry

From Musician to Assembly Engineer!

Tell us something about yourself

My name is Attila Vörös, I’m a self-taught audio engineer and proud owner of NO Q studios. Being a musician for over 20 years made the transition from stage to mixing console quite natural, my new job at Convergence on the other hand is completely different: it’s a good thing I like a challenge!

What is your role within Convergence?

I’m an assembly engineer which basically means the job is to turn a bucket of bolts (and a lot of other parts which are way more interesting than bolts) into a functional, accurate and awesome system.

What qualities do you need to do this job well?

Definitely some technical insight and a creative, yet accurate and precise work ethic.It also doens’t hurt to carry a “it’s not a problem, it’s a challenge” state of mind.

Finish the sentence: you are not satisfied until…

Not quite a finish but here we go: great projects are never finished, they are abandoned. There is no such thing as being satisfied.

Fun fact

Auto-tune is not a tool, it’s an effect.

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