Another definite solution: Industrial dosing unit

The past year Convergence has been working intensively in a multi-partner collaboration on a new definite solution:

A complex high-end industrial dosing unit!

Together with our partners we had to overcome some challanges, and we did!

The scope of the project was that the unit should be able to:

  • Fill blisters with different fluids
  • Fill the blisters with amounts between 250mg and 4500mg each
  • Fill between 1.200 and 10.000 blisters per hour
  • Handle fluids with viscosities between 1 and 200 cp
  • Be emptied in a controlled & safe way
  • Reject filled blisters that were off with more or less than a preset XX percent

Concerning the software demands:

  • It should be implemented in an Allen Bradley controlled environment
  • The HMI controls and settings should be changed accordingly
  • Dozens of automatic safety conditions in order to prevent human error and create possible dangerous situations
  • Every batch and all dosages should be logged, including averages, minimum/maximum errors and rejected dosages

Curious how we managed this? For more info about specifications and what we could do for you can, please contact the project coordinator of the project:

Chielant de Wit (chielant.dewit@con-vergence.com)