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Introducing our awesome new colleagues!

Both Lennart and Jan started their new job at Convergence. Both in a completely different role. We would like to introduce them to you as you might be in contact with them in the near future.


Tell us something about yourself

My name is Lennart de Vreede and I joined Convergence on October 1st 2018.

I have a bachelor degree in mechanical engineering and worked at Micronit Microsystems before I enrolled in university to start a PhD in nanotechnology.

After completion of the PhD I did postdoctoral research at the Biophysics group at the Adolphe Merkle Institute for Nanoscience in Fribourg, Switzerland. As of October my focus is on expanding the research and development (R&D) efforts within Convergence.

What is your role within Convergence?

Within Convergence I am R&D manager. Our main strategy is to take the hassle and headache off your hands of putting together your own research setup from scratch. There is years of experience with research setup assembly within Convergence and we like to do this, it is what we are good at!

R&D comes into the picture the moment you are thinking of a specialty solution for your Convergence Inspector, for instance a module that measures a specific parameter, other than in our standard line.

Or, in case you require proof-of-principle studies, we welcome you to our laboratory in Enschede to experiment on our equipment yourself.

We believe that if we implement strategies where your research comes first, we make sure the research questions can be answered and help to provide a solid contribution to your academic or industrial output.

What qualities do you need to do this job well?

Quality is defined as the degree of excellence of something. I have, as probably everyone that reads this little piece of prose, excelled over the years of my career to this point. I like to think that, coming from a technical and practical upbringing and going out of my way to pursue my curiosity to be involved with “the new thing” with “the latest tech” got me to discover that I just do not stop until I understand what’s up and can explain it to others. I like to believe that I excel at that and I believe that this is a quality I can exploit to do this job well.

Finish the sentence: you are not satisfied until…

If you can’t explain it, you do not understand it. Therefore, I want to be able to explain the things I learned.

Fun fact

The word hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia describes the fear of long words. It’s funny that the ones who suffer from it are likely to never find out…


Tell us something about yourself

Hey! I’m Jan, 26 years old and just started my first job ever here at Convergence. Before emigrating to the Netherlands I studied process engineering at RWTH Aachen. My masters thesis dealt with coating of membranes. During this time I worked a lot with a Convergence system and will now design similar systems for our clients.

What is your role within Convergence?

My job as a systems engineer involves a lot of costumer communication. I get in contact with potential customers and specify their needs regarding the required system. Together with the customer I will then work out a flowsheet, specify the used components and finally hand over a offer for their system.

So if you are interested into a Convergence system for your specific application either me or Felix Broens will be your first contact here at Convergence!

What qualities do you need to do this job well

You will need good communications skills to extract all relevant information from the customer and discuss possible solutions to questions which might arise along the way. Furthermore, you need technical understanding and creativity when designing the perfect system for our customers. And of course you need to be able to handle the pressure which comes with sitting on the desk next to the company’s founder.

Finish the sentence: you are not satisfied until…

We have designed a system that can stand the test of time on the field.


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