18 - 10 - 2016, by Convergence Industry

It is all about accurate flow and pressure!

Convergence started off as a company specialized in the manufacture of customized measurement systems for membrane characterization. Over the past few years, Convergence has worked on projects that are slightly different: burner control systems, thermal spray systems and much more!

All these projects have in common that accurate dosing and controlling of gases and flows are incredibly important. Convergence can now add another project to their portfolio. DENSsolutions and Convergence together worked on the development of a gas supply system.gas-supply-system

DENSsolutions is a Dutch company specialized in capturing dynamic changes of matter under the influence of physical stimuli with Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM).

The system is designed to add gas to the chip: gas pressure, flow rate, gas mixture and temperature are measured and can be changed during the experiment. First, a prototype was built to proof and test the concept. Now, the first systems already have been sent to customers of DENSsolutions to perform research with this innovative and efficient solution.

More information: DENSsolutions

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