24 - 04 - 2019, by Convergence Industry

Meet our new colleague Erik!

Tell us something about yourself

I’m Erik de Graaf and, since last March, employee of Convergence Industry. My background has its roots in chemistry, but I am a self-taught engineer with knowledge in polymer recycling and system prototyping. Next to my job at Convergence I have my own company in the injection molding industry.

What is your role within Convergence?

I reinforced the Assembly Engineer squad within Convergence. My job is to convert paper designs and plans to real working systems. The systems are customer specific and build according to their needs. Therefore we strife to make systems that are ready for a smooth integration within existing processes.

What qualities do you need to do this job well?

First off: a good work ethic and a good sense of technical and problem solving insight. Because of the custom nature of the systems, it is possible to encounter slight changes in set-up that require you to adapt to new situations and make it as perfect as possible for the customer. And my last entry would be that you like to work with your hands. It’s a really hands-on-job.

Finish the sentence: you are not satisfied until…

…processes and systems run and function as efficient as can be. This also applies to my personal life. I’m – in a good sense – a lazy person and always searching to simplify tasks to make it as easy as possible. And in the current technological innovation world, there are new gadgets to improve for personal life or industry every day.

Fun fact

The official website for the movie Space Jam is still exactly the same as the day it launched in 1996.

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