MFI test method standardized by ASTM

It took a little while, but the globally recognized organisation for standards ASTM has finally standardized the test method for Modified Fouling Index (MFI-0.45) of Water in standard D8002-15.

This test method is an more accurate alternative for the Silt Density Index method (D4189-07) and indicates the fouling potential of water in (mostly) membrane reactors. The MFI-0.45 has been developed to overcome the main deficiencies of SDI. Some advantages of the MFI test method:

  • Temperature corrected
  • Applicable for highly fouled feed water
  • Not dependent on test membrane permeability

Convergence developed the only fully automatic SDI/MFI analyzer available in the market, not only to consider the MFI-0.45 advantages, but also to minimize, if not eliminate, human errors.

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