Microfluidic ambitions

As an experienced specialist when it comes to designing and manufacturing gas- and liquid flow systems and with the growing demand for stable and reproducible microfluidics peripheral systems, Convergence will further expand its microfluidic ambitions in 2019.

In the past years we worked on the successful finalization of the DNANext EUROSTARS program (ID 10942), where we pro-actively collaborated in a consortium of microfluidics, biophysics and genomics experts to achieve DNA-droplet encapsulation for a better understanding of our very own building blocks.

Moreover we re-designed and manufactured the Emultech Infinity Lab microfluidic droplet generator, giving it its distinctive design. We have also designed and manufactured gas supply systems for high-end microliter gas dosing equipment, used for tunneling electron microscope experimentation.

This evidence shows that in the past years Convergence has gained more and more experience in the assembly, testing and delivery of microfluidic peripheral systems which enable fluid handling down to picoliter volumes. An awesome achievement we are proud of and a foundation on which we will expand our microfluidic efforts.

We aim for a microfluidics peripherals systems product line that will enable flow experimentation such as droplet generation and inspection, organs-on-chips, micromixers, microreactors and will be combined with our continuing efforts to provide user friendly and intuitive software interface for all users.