Milestone: Convergence sells 300th system!

Ever since the foundation in January 2010, Convergence developed from spin-off company to one of the top players in designing and development of customized measurement and control systems.

We were very proud to welcome University of Twente as our first customer, soon to be followed by other universities and research institutes globally. In addition to measurement systems mainly intended for research on membranes, the clientele of Convergence soon spread to the automotive industry as well as the Food & Pharma industry. This has considerably expanded Convergence’s portfolio with special systems, such as:

  • Flow-curve tester
  • Leak testers
  • Burner systems
  • and more…

After a period of 6 years, in which development and improvement were key aspects, Convergence sold its 300th system! This is another important milestone in the history of Convergence.

Hopefully our ongoing commitment and your ongoing support will lead the company to the next 300 systems!