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Convergence Industry B.V. pursues to achieve a transparent workflow during the quote phases. Individual quote revisions will be subdivided in engineering and system costs resulting in a clear cost overview of the project as a whole. Some parts are free of charge, other -more technical- parts of the quote phase will be charged.

Request for quote – Free of charge:
After you have sent us your request for quote (RFQ) we will then provide you with a budget quote and piping and instrumentation diagram (P&ID) of one of our standard systems that best fits your needs.

User Requirement Specification – Free of charge:
Together we will determine your User Requirement Specifications (URS).

Budget Quote – Free of charge:
Based on your RFQ and URS, Convergence will send you a revised budget quote with a detailed description of the system and its functionality. Besides that it will include an estimation of hours for the Quote Engineering Phase and FMEA.

Engineering Phase – Paid phase:
Next step is quote engineering resulting in definite URS, a detailed P&ID and customer specific software modifications. After agreeing on those documents, a bill of materials and electrical drawings will be create and a FMEA (failure mode effects analysis*) takes place. This results in a final system quotation where all selected components and prices are detailed. Engineering costs (based on hourly rates) will be separated from the system price, resulting in a clear distinction in costs. This stage starts with your formal order for the engineering hours estimation. In case less engineering hours are necessary, less hours will be charged.

Final Quote – Paid phase:
In case you only use Convergences’ expertise in engineering and opt for production at your own facility, the engineering fee will be invoiced according the final quote. P&ID combined with bill of materials will be handed over in various formats. A unique (Serial Number Specific) software licenses can be provided on request in case production shall take place at the clients facility, but Convergence software shall be used with the product.

System – Paid phase: In case Convergence receives your PO for production of your system according to the final quote, the invoice will be split in an engineering and a system part. Production will then commence at Convergence’s facility.

*) The requested process design will be checked for possible safety risks. The risk priority number will be determined by considering severity, occurrence and detection for each failure mode. Actions to reduce the risk will be included in the design if necessary.

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