Bubble Point tester

The world-wide used ASTM standardized bubble point test is a simple test for pore size determination. The fully automated bubble point tester gradually increases the pressure on the feed side of a membrane. A flowmeter on the permeate detects the point where bubbles go through the membrane.

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Typical Specifications*

Pressure range: 0 – 6 bar g
Flowrange: 1 l/hr
Suited for water/air
47 mm round disc or 25 mm round disc

* Other configurations available on request

Bubble Point tester

The Convergence Bubble Point tester is ideal for quality control on membranes as it performs experiments automatically at any time.

After connecting your testobject to the system, the system will gradually increase pressure at which point bubbles will arise at the permeate. The bubble point test will determine the mean pore size of your test object by measuring the flow with an integrated flowmeter.

Bubble point testers can easily be integrated with other pilot systems, such as the UF/MF systems.

A typical combiniation is a combined leaktester, pure water flux tester and a bubble point tester. Contact us for more detailed information and options.