Convergence Playground

You are looking at the new and improved second generation of the Convergence Playground platform which was developed as a lab-scale modular test environment in 2012 together with RWTH Aachen. It allows a modular build-up of hardware and software. The user can configure his hardware on the fly and then, using the software scripting interface, build automatic experiments.



The Convergence Playground Base system comes in 3 different versions. You can see which system suits your projects best in the specification chart below.

System AAA0030- Playground Base System Small AAA0030- Playground Base System Medium AAA0030- Playground Base System Large
Baseplate Dimensions 30 x 30 cm 60 x 60 90 x 90
Digital outputs 6 x 2,5mm jack 12 x 2,5mm jack 22 x 2,5mm jack
Analog outputs 2 x 3,5mm jack 4 x 3,5mm jack 8 x 3,5mm jack
Analog inputs 2 x 3,5mm jack 4 x 3,5mm jack 8 x 3,5mm jack
Temperature 2 x PT-100 2 x PT-100, 2 x Type K
RS485 Modbus 1
1 x 5 pin M12 female
1 x 5 pin M12 female
3 x 5 pin M12 female
Configurable RS232 1
1 x 5 pin M12 male
3 x 5 pin M12 male
5 x 5 pin M12 male
RJ-45 2 2 2

Convergence Playground

The user can chose from a wide variety components (i.e. pumps, flowmeters, controlvalves) that will constitute the process equipment. Due to the modular nature of the playground all parts can be easily reached and rearranged, using the magnetic feet placement system. This makes the system extremely flexible and allows for a variety of experiments to be performed on one instrument. The user can use Convergence parts, or connects his own parts. For compatibility of custom parts, contact Convergence. Using the Convergence Playground system allows you to set up experiments faster and better organized saving you valuable time you can now spend on your research.

Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to know more.

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