Custom pilot

On request, Convergence can assist with designing and constructing custom research and industrial equipment. Convergence can provide work from the design phase onto fluid dynamics calculations up to production in small series. Flexibility, reliability and our pro-active way of work are reflected in all custom systems, ensuring high-quality and reliability.

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Custom pilot

The Convergence Inspectors that we offer on this website have been the direct result of custom pilot requirements and client desires that we received the past 5 years. So in case you are looking for something, but it is not on the website, it does not mean we do not have it.

In principle, Convergence Industry B.V. does not reject any flow related project or request. Even if it will cost us money, our philosphy dictates us that every project results in new knowlegde. In the long term this is more valuable to us than any euro, dollar, renminbi or yen.

So, whether you are in the automotive, membrane, medical or energy industry: never hesitate to contact us, we are confident we can assist with every project.

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