Forward Osmosis pilot

Forward Osmosis pilot and lab scale systems have been developed by Convergence Industry B.V. to evaluate the performance of FO membranes. The system can be customized up to a maximum pressure of 125 bar and works with most liquids. Corrosion resistant options such as Hastelloy are possible. In- line chemical dosing, backwash options, heating or other custom options are available. Typical studies include biofouling test, foulings test, cleaning tests, permeability tests and more.

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Typical Specifications*

Feed Flow Range: 5 – 450 l/hour
Backwash Flow Range: 200 – 6000 ml/hour
Flow Accuracy: <0.2%
Pressure Sensor Range: 2 – 70 bar g (125 bar g optional)
Pressure Sensor Accuracy: <0.1%
Temperature Range: 0 – 70 °C (up to 130 °C optional)
Temperature Accuracy: <0.15 °C
Data Respons Time: <20 ms
Dimensions: 100 x 100 x 50 cm

* Other configurations available on request

Forward Osmosis pilot and lab scale systems

The Convergence Forward Osmosis pilot is designed with dual pumps; one for the draw solution, one for the feed solution. The draw solution that normally goes to a turbine or creates hydrostatic height can now be controlled to either a constant pressure (Pressure Retarded Osmosis) or a constant flow (Forward Osmosis). Both pumps can be independently controlled to the specified flow.

The high-end model will also measure actual densities of the fluids. Optionally conductivity sensors can be implemented to estimate retentions. The model allows counter- and cocurrent flow over cells. The flow range covered is 5-100 kg/hr for both feed and draw solution. The flow ranges can be changed on request and are calculated for typical crossflow ranges up to 0.25 m/s for most used spacers up to 80 mil.

The software allows automatic calculation of permeabillities, TMP (Trans-membrane pressure) and other user specific calculations. The software also allows automatic logging, PDF generation and remote operation.