Hollow fiber membrane potting

Convergence Industry offers the potting and manufacturing of custom hollow fiber membrane modules. Our modules are tailor-made to your needs and thus provide optimal conditions for your lab-scale testing.

The Convergence hollow fiber membrane modules are potted using centrifugal potting. Those modules are widely customizable and can range from single fiber modules to modules with up to 2 m2 active surface area.


Standard module specifications:
  • Ø 16 x 130 mm, Ø 40 x 260 mm, Ø 43 x 260 mm
  • Polycarbonate housing
  • Pressure rating: 2 bar

Hollow fiber membrane potting

Potting options:
  • potting of customer supplied fibers
  • application based consultancy
  • filtration modules for: forward osmosis applications, gas separation, nano-, micro- and ultrafiltration
  • active surface area: up to 2 m2
  • pressure rating: up to 2 bar (up to 15 bar on request)
Custom solutions on request:
  • Housing up to 2″ diameter and length up to 60 cm
  • Housing made from food grade PVC-U, stainless steel 316L, PMMA, PC
  • Pressure rating up to 30 bar (material dependent)

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