Industrial dosing system

Convergence developed a highly accurate custom low-flow dosing system for additive dosing, blister filling in food/pharma applications. For applications where ultra-low flows are required (0.1 g/hr) or where highly precise dosing is a plus, the Convergence dosing skids are ideal. Custom engineered according to customer needs. ATEX or GMP options are possible.

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Flow range: 0.1 g/hour – 250 kg/hour
Nr. of dosing points: 1 – 20 injection points per system
Flow accuracy: <0.2%
Temperature range: 0 – 70 °C

Dosing system

The Convergence Dosing system is already used successfully in many ways in different markets. For example but not limited to, batch dosing anti-flea medicines or dosing highly concentrated dyes in personal- and home care products. The flexibility of the system allows to dose different fluids and volumes with only one device.

Due to the accuracy of this system, customers can save on fluid expenses. The fast and accurate industrial dosing system also allows the customer to scale up/down production.


  • Highly accurate and reliable
  • Suitable for low flow dosing (0.1 g/hr)
  • Works with any fluid
  • Batch and continuous dosing
  • Simultaneous dosing of multiple fluids
  • Can be integrated in any industrial process


Antiscalant Dosing

To eliminate scale and reduce fouling in your membrane system it is highly recommended to use antiscalants, preventing the need to replace expensive membranes prematurely. In order to inhibit scale formation on membranes, accurate dosing of antiscalant is very important.

As well as standard chemical dosing applications, the Convergence Dosing system is a great solution in accurate antiscalant dosing for water treatment. The system can easily be integrated in any industrial process and can be customized to customer requirements.

Tetrahydrothiphene (THT) Dosing

Natural gas or LPG are odorless gasses. In the process of natural gas being stored and deliverd for both public and industrial use, odorization provides safety for those working with gas. Tetrahydrothiphene (THT) is, due to its smell, an ideal and necessary substance to dose into odorless gas.

The challenge of dosing THT lies in the extreme low flow and that leakage of this odor must be excluded. The Convergence Dosing System is an ideal solution for this particular application as it is very accurate, suitable for ultra-low flows (0.1 g/hr) and can be integrated in any industrial process.