Industrial dosing

Industrial dosing system

Convergence developed a highly accurate low-flow industrial dosing system for additive dosing and blister filling in food and pharma applications. The dosing skids are ideal when ultra-low flows (0.1 g/hr) are required. The skids are highly customizable and can for example be designed up to you specific requirements.


Flow range: 0.1 g/h – 250 kg/h
Nr. of dosing points: 1 – 20 per system
Flow accuracy:<0.2%
Temperature range: 0 – 70 °C

Industrial dosing system

The Convergence dosing skids are already used in many different applications and markets. From batch dosing anit-flea medicines up to dosing hihgly concentrated dyes in personal- and home care products. The flexibility of the system allows to dose different fluids and volumes with just one device.

Thanks to the accuracy of this system, customers can save on fluid expenses. The fast and accurate industrial dosing system also allows the customer to scale up or scale down production at any given moment.


  • Highly accurate and reliable
  • Suitable for low flow dosing
  • Works with any fluid
  • Batch and continuous dosin
  • Simultaneous dosing of multiple fluids
  • Can be integrated in any industrial process

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