Lab dosing system

In order to achieve the desired quality on your test results or final product, accurate dosing is an important condition. The Convergence lab dosing system is developed for accurate dosing of any fluid. Dosing can be continious or badge wise, dependend on your requirements. 

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Power: 230 VAC
Flow range: 50 – 15000 g/h
Accuracy: +/- 0.2% of rate
Housing: IP-40
Ambient temperature: 20 – 40 °C
Material: SS316 metal
Optional: Pressure based viscosity measurement

Convergence highly accurate lab dosing system

In almost every lab, (manually) dosing is a daily recurring task. This can, but should not, be a time consuming task. Convergence developed a highly accurate dosing system for laboratory purposes.

The Convergence lab dosing system incorporates the necessary piping and protection to ensure that fluids will be transported safely from inlet to outlet and piping is compatible with the required fluids.

The user-friendly software can be controlled by an HMI/PLC touchscreen. The software will monitor several signals and alarms van be pre-set.

The system will be furnished with one of the flowmeters from Bronkhorst below:

Minimum full scale[g/h]5010005000
Nominal flow[g/h]100010000100000
Maximum full scale[g/h]200030000300000
Minimum flow[g/h]130200

As with our additive dosing system, this system can also be customized to customer requirements.


  • Accurate dosing solution in one system
  • Easy installation and operation
  • Easy integration into existing systems
  • Increased process automation and minimized manual handlings
  • Programmable alarms on flow, pressure, temperature and density
  • Pump and filter monitoring