Liquid Entry Pressure tester

The Liquid Entry Pressure (LEP) pilot is essential when characterizing membranes, especially Membrane Distillation (MD) membranes. Convergence designed and developed a system to perform research on MD membranes.

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Typical specifications

Pressure range: 0.2 – 6 bar(g)

Liquid Entry Pressure tester

For several membrane processes, and typically Membrane Distillation (MD), the Liquid Entry Pressure (LEP) is a significant membrane characteristic.

In MD the feed liquid should not permeate the membrane pores meaning the applied pressure should always be below the LEP.

LEP is measured by increasing pressure to the point where the liquid will permeate through a MD membrane; a pressure drop can be observed at this point. The peak pressure is the LEP of the tested membrane.

The Liquid Entry Pressure pilot operates at a maximum pressure of 6 bar and pressure incline is adjustable. The design allows to work with both hollow fiber and polymeric membranes; a 25 mm flat sheet disc holder will come with the system.

The Convergence Inspector LEP can be controlled with the userfriendly software on an embedded touchscreen. Data can be obtained and worked with through USB.

Liquid Entry PressureLiquid Entry PressureLiquid Entry Pressure