Membrane Casting Machine MEMCAST

Another exciting product as a result of a beautiful collaboration between Porometer N.V. and Convergence: an fully automatic membrane coating machine!

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Coating size: A4
Coating speed: 0.5 up to 10 cm/s
Dimensions: 780 x 490 x 320 mm
Weight: 29 kg

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Membrane Coating Machine MEMCAST

The membrane coating machine is another product as a result of a beautiful collaboration togheter with our partner Porometer N.V. The system is ideal for the synthesis of flat sheet polymeric membranes by coating a thin film of a polymer solution followed by the immersion of the films in a coagulation bath to obtain the final membrane via wet phase inversion. The design minimizes movement during film application in order to obtain smooth and consistent films.

The exclusive design is robust, durable, easy to clean and very user-friendly. Our partner Porometer offers two variants; Memcast and Memcast Plus

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