Membrane Distillation pilot

The DCMD (Direct Contact Membrane Distillation) pilot consists of 2 circulating loops of fluid; one hot and one cold. Inside the membrane the liquid is on both sides in contact with the membrane (non-wetting). The temperature difference induces a partial vapor pressure gradient. The membrane selectively lets certain compounds diffuse through the membrane, condensing again on the cold side.

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Typical Specifications*

Dimensions: 60x60x20 cm
Data: PDF
Pressure range: 0 – 6 bar g
Temperature range: -10 – 70 °C
Material: SS316, PFA, PVDF, PP

*Other configurations available on request

Membrane Distillation pilot and lab scale systems

The Convergence Membrane Distillation pilot has fully isolated tubing, allowing both the high and low temperature solution to be circulated with minimum heat loss. The system is equipped with plate and frame heat exchangers, and can be connected to any heating or cooling bath (baths optionally available).

The system can operate at different constant flowrates and temperatures and uses weight difference to calculate flows and fluxes.


  • Fully automated; you can build your own experiment and your results will be presented in a PDF.
  • Highly flexible; the system fits any cell or module
  • Compact design
  • User specific; the system can be easily up- or downgraded. Many sensors options are possible.
  • Many academic references due the high accuracy and repeatability

Different types of the membrane distillation system are available such as Direct Contact Membrane Distillation (DCMD) and Vacuum Membrane Distillation (VMD)