Microfiltration pilot

The Convergence Inspector Microfiltration pilot / lab scale systems for ultrafiltration and microfiltrationare ideal for quick studies on membrane performance. The systems are suited for fouling experiments, permeability tests, cleaning and backwash efficiency tests and more. These all-round membrane characterization systems are equipped with Coriolis Mass Flowmeters: the most accurate and fluid independent flowmeter available on the market.

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Typical Specifications*

Feed Flow Range: 150 – 4000 ml/hour
Backwash Flow Range: 200 – 6000 ml/hour
Cross Flow Range: 120 – 6000 ml/hour
Flow Accuracy: <0.2%
Pressure Sensor Range: 0 – 6 bar
Pressure Sensor Accuracy: <0.1%
Temperature Accuracy: 0 – 70 °C
Data Respons Time: <20 ms
Dimensions: 50 x 30 x 30 cm

*Other configurations available on request

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Microfiltration pilot and lab scale systems

Equipped with components of high quality only, the Convergence Inspector Microfiltration pilot is the most accurate system available for microfiltration and ultrafiltration.

The system, in combination with the customized and user friendly software, is ideal for quality control and R&D on membranes.

The Convergence Inspector Microfiltration pilot  is the world-wide standard system to perform bench-scale studies on membranes. The lab scale system is designed for a variety of characterization processes and allows to:

  • Perform retention tests
  • Perform permeation tests
  • Perform pressure decay tests
  • Perform bubble point tests
  • Perform fouling experiments
  • Perform filtration, backwash, cross flow and chemical cleaning tests

The system is suited for:

  • Hollow fiber modules
  • Flat sheet membranes
  • Microsieves
  • Ceramic membranes

The system is multifunctional and can for example be used as a pilot for ceramic ultrafiltration, hollow fiber microfiltration, flat sheet applications and more.

Special versions suited for liquid dairy products which can be CIPed are available.


Microfiltration pilot flowsheet