Perm porometer

Perm Porometery Porometer

The system is another product in cooperation with Porometer N.V. The system is ideal for measuring the pore sizes of ultrafiltration and nanofiltration membranes (or other porous materials). The system can measure pores in the range of 1-50 nanometer.


  • Pore size diameter range circa 1 – 50 nm
  • Pressureless method and non-destructive
  • Fits hollow fiber and flat sheet membranes
  • Plug and play system using pore condensation to measure pore size distribution
  • Integrated touch screen system
  • Integrated oven & heating system
  • Integrated test cell for flat membranes included
  • Measurement independent of surface-liquid properties such as contact angle

Perm Porometery Porometer

The permporometer porometer measures the pore size distribution of materials using the ‘Kelvin equation’.  The Kelvin equation describes the change in vapor pressure due to a curved liquid–vapor interface (pore). The Kelvin equation is dependent upon thermodynamic principles and does not allude to special properties of materials.

POROPERM™ is a permporometer for the measurements of  pore sizes in the range between 1 nm and 50 nm at low pressures. It is based on the controlled stepwise evaporation of the liquid blocking the pores (condensable gas) and the simultaneous measurement of the flow rate of an inert gas through the sample, at a constant temperature.

Standard pressure range

  • Pressure supply required 0-2 bar (29 psi) N2
  • Actual operating & measurement pressure in the pressure range 1- 100 mbar (1.45 psi)

Membrane cell

The POROPERM™ 1000 comes with a flat sheet membrane cell (total area ~4 cm2). Smaller/larger and special sample holders are available on demand.


  • All flow meters and pressure sensors are digital and are temperature compensated.
  • 3 mass flow controllers (MFC): feed, permeate and crossflow.
  • Oven: control and readout via software. Maximum temperature 70ºC continuous during measurements.


Advanced service menu facilitates diagnosis and service via Internet.

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