Pervaporation Pilot

The Convergence Pervaporation unit in combination with the Pervatech membranes allows the user to perform permeability studies at different temperatures, pressures and with different solvents.

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Temperature resistance: 10 – 200 °C
Max. pressure: 10 bar g
Cooling bath: 10 °C (optional)
Heating Bath: 200 °C (optional)
Material: SS316

*Other configurations available on request

Convergence Pervaporation Pilot

In cooperation with Pervatech, Convergence supplies a turn-key labscale pervaporation pilot system that is ideal for evaluating the pervaporation process before upscaling.

The term pervaporation is derived from the two steps of the process: (a) permeation through the membrane by the permeate, then (b) its evaporation into the vapor phase. Studies include dewatering (hot) organic solvent streams.

The pervaporation lab scale pilot is similar to membrane distillation: The liquid permeates through the membrane, then it  evaporaties into the vapor phase.

Typically a hot (organic) stream is the feed solution, and a vacuum is applied to the permeate. The process is ideal for dewatering organic solvents.

The following features are available:

  • Permeability studies at different temperatures
  • Different flowrates possible
  • Use different (organic) solvents
  • ATEX zone 2 possible layout
  • Flow- and pressure range customizable


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