Ultrafiltration Rate pilot

For applications such as forward osmosis or dialysis, Convergence has developed systems for lab-scale evaluation of dialysis membranes. Typical experiments on lab scale hollow fiber and flat sheet membranes include the measurement of ultrafiltration rate or the measurement of diffusion coefficients.

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UltraFiltration Rate (UFR) pilot

The Convergence Inspector UFR is designed for tangential flow filtration of dialysis membranes.

In the development and quality control of hemo dialsysis membranes it is important to measure several membrane parameters. These include UFR (Ultrafiltration Rate), sieving coefficient, leak rates and diffusion coefficients.

The convergence dialysis pilot is designed for automatic and real-time measurement of retention behavior of both lab-scale modules  and full dialysis modules. The system is equipped with in-line UV-VIS flow-through cells to dynamically measure the concentrations of, for example, Creatinine or vitamin B-12.

The standard system is suited for watery solutions and is temperature controlled (37 °C standard). Several custom options are available, contact us for more information.