To convince that our systems are worth the investment or if a system is needed for a short period of time, Demcon convergence offers a wide range of rental systems. Beware: after working with Demcon convergence’ systems, you are hooked!

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Transform your product or productions system into a true succes with our state-of-the-art software! Thanks to the extensive experiences, Demcon convergence is able to start every software development project with a fast and flexible approach.

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Whether you need assistence in membrane technology, flow calculations, electrical engineering, heat transfer, chemical resistance or design, Demcon convergence can help. In the past 10 years we came accros a lot of errors, so we can definitely save you a lot of time!

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Demcon convergence performs research and development to both optimize processes and serve customers with their specific questions in a four-stage research package where we address: integration, automation, production and testing.

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Data Management

FURTHRmind is designed to support research teams of various disciplines in managing their research data. Research equipment can be integrated, allowing automated data read-in and plotting of many different file types. With FURTHRmind you will have uninterruppted access to all the information needed for a given experiment.

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Orbital Welding Service

Orbital welding is an excellent technique to make smooth, leak-tight and clean connections in piping.
Especially in clean-room, semiconductor and food/pharma applications this is a desired method to make piping systems.


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Hollow Fiber Membrane Potting

Demcon convergence offers the potting and manufacturing of custom hollow fiber membrane modules.
Our modules are tailor-made to your needs and thus provide optimal conditions for your lab-scale testing.

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