In addition to your customized system, Convergence offers several services:

  • Maintenance and recalibration of your system
  • Software design
  • Customized test objects
  • Membranes & Modules


Maintenance & Recalibration

To ensure the quality of the experimental obtained results, Convergence offers a service to annualy recalibrate and maintain your customized pilot.

Software Design

Convergence can design software for your pilot or test setup. With the researcher in the back of our minds, we develop the software so data acquisition is done with the right accuracy and timing and saved data can be easily worked with. Most of our software is accompanied with auto-PDF report functions for easy comparison of experimental results.

Customized test object

Convergence Inspectors are designed to work with many different types of test objects. Dependent on the research topic, special tools may be needed to test or characterize your object. Convergence has academic experience in-house to design and validate custom test objects and can develop them on request. Go to our webshop for any standard test objects.

Membranes & Modules

Next to flat cells or other test objects, Convergence also offers different types of membrane modules. Convergence offers the service to cut, pot and test membranes in these modules for the customer. Go to our webshop for more detailed information.