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Convergence Industry performs research and development to both optimize processes and serve customers with their specific questions in a four-stage research package where we address: integration, automation, production and testing. Our growing knowledge base stretches from production plant optimization to nanoreactor fluid supply.

The R&D department within Convergence allows us to keep ahead of the developments in a rapidly changing market. We are continuously developing tools and setups to experiment on membrane technology, fluid handling and microfluidics.

We handle full development projects but also perform R&D on subassemblies of (pilot) systems.

The R&D department is experienced with all types of membrane filtration methods, fluid flow control, liquid pumping, pressurized systems, spectroscopy and analysis.

For microfluidics development we have a strong focus on providing peripheral systems for microfluidic handling. Liquid mixing, droplet generation, liquid and gas flow control, liquid and gas analysis, Lab on a chip and Organs on Chips.

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