Thermal Spray System

In cooperation with FST, Bronkhorst and MA-IT, Convergence revamped an existing thermal spray system. The new 25-series of FST had to meet a number of requirements. Convergence was able to incoporate these requirements, resulting in an user-friendly and modern system.

FST is a Dutch company specialized in the manufacture of thermal spray systems. The system mixes and burns gas and oxygen or kerosene and oxygen. Powder will be dosed into the flame, which then is sprayed on metal parts. The result of this process is an extremely hard coating and is often used on aircraft parts.

The challenge in this project was to design a budget system without compromising on the quality of the system. Some significant changes relative to initial system:

  • Modern lookFST-system
  • Updated HMI
  • Compact
  • Ergonomic positioned control panel
  • Full digital control