Are you a Bachelor or Master student in Electrical Engineering, Physics, Biomedical Engineering or related disciplines? LocSense and Convergence offer an awesome internship were you will benefit from the expertise and lab facilities of both companies!

De organisatie

LocSense is a spin-off company from the University of Twente who provides electrical detection units to complete innovative health care technologies for product developers and suppliers. Examples are monitoring of cell growth in Organs-on-Chip or counting of cells and droplets in microfluidic devices.

Convergence designs and manufactures customized measurement and control systems for liquids and gases. The modern and user-friendly design of each system, combined with excellent support, product training, user-friendly software and powerful exterior design contributes in making research more reproducible and data easier to handle and extract.

De functie

Organs-on-chip are a promising candidate to replace animal studies for testing of medicine compounds and toxicology experiments. This assignment includes the design, fabrication and testing of a culture platform for 2D cell cultures. Within this platform electrodes should be integrated to monitor the growth and potentially activity of the cells. The platform will be used for experiments with e.g. lung cells and heart cells.

The assignment can be adjusted to the preferences and level of the candidate.

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